Megan at the posh Army ball :)

Created by Andy on 09/09/2017
Megan hated formality, she hated almost everything military too, I kind of knew this but not long after I was promoted to Sergeant I invited Megan to the Sergeants Mess Christmas ball. I would be dressed in my very smart Army Air Corps Mess kit with shiny buttons, medals etc and Megan would be in a Ball gown……… you can prob see where this is going :)

I neglected to tell Meg quite how formal this may be, She flew over to Northern Ireland that morning and I met her at the airport ,I take her back to camp and I get her signed in. As part of the process the military gate guard had to take Megs picture for her ID card, she was not impressed one lil bit and after some protesting she gave in and smiled.

We head back to my room on base she has a sleep before I show her the sights of Belfast in the afternoon (she had been up since about 4am). Its time to start getting ready for the ball, while making her a cup of tea I explain that I’ll have to pull out her chair for her, pour her drinks etc all in line with army traditions, her face just dropped! she was not happy at all “I can bloody well do it myself thanks” (thats an edited version of her words) “I don't need some bloke in a smart suit doing that”

Anyway we get too the ball , we are welcomed in and there is a photo corner for guests to have a free formal pic taken, Meg wasn't having any of it and her protest was comical ,she was not having her pic taken, but she did mellow when she saw I really wanted one with her and she did agree (laster in the evening) to have a pic together, just before the photographer was closing his booth.

At the drinks before the meal Meg got to meet some of my work chums, bit of alcohol (Meg wasn't drinking though) and everybody is getting jolly, and the banter starts flying (I’m no good at banter) but Meg was insane at it, all my work chums were shocked at just how quick and brutal she was being with them, she easily shot them all down and they all absolutely loved her. So many people spoke to me that night and told me what a great girl she was, she was made an honorary lad (i'm not sure she appreciated that title though).

It comes to the sit down meal and it all gets a bit formal again, Meg is struggling to walk in her heels and I'm just a tiny bit tipsy :), we come to sit down I go to pull out her chair and she looks at me and say “don't you dare” and she promptly pulls it out herself and sits down, yikes I thought :) Grace was read ,formalities done food is then served, Meg in protest just used any of the knives and forks in front of her in no real order, I was laughing my socks off. Wine is passed around the table I try again to follow the mess code and pour her wine but again she ain’t having that, she grabs the bottle out of my hand and pours her own (I love this girl) much to my amusement.

Meal done, everybody leaves the tables and have a bit of a social afterwards, My big boss comes over and I introduce Meg to him they shake hands and chat and he asks her how she has found the evening Meg comes out with how she doesn't like all the formalities, and that women can pour their own drinks etc ands its all a bit sexist,(her real words were 'a big d**k swinging contest') it was really funny and very polite how she did it but my boss was not happy. I’m stood beside her with the biggest beaming smile ever and I promised I would not take her to another if she didn't want too.